Bottom Half of the Shield

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  1. Bottom Left
    The bottom left quadrant has the Spruce –
  2. The Spruce grows and covers in any climate.
    It is unchanging with the seasons, just as they are.
  3. Their mission is the same no matter what
    and they continuously strive to grow in every climate.
  4. Bottom Center
    The bottom center quadrant has the burning Crescent with Lightning Bolts.
  5. The Crescent symbolizes –
    Watching, Signal, and Fire.
  6. Their knowledge burns deep within them.
    The Lightning Bolt symbolizes –
  7. Swiftness and Power.
    “They watch their fraternity and prepare for swift power when in danger.”
  8. Bottom Right
    The bottom right quadrant has the rearing Black Stallion –
  9. Rearing means always ready.
    The Stallion is a symbol of swiftness, power, and a strong leader.
  10. “Ready for all employments for the king and country.”
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Bottom Half of the Shield

Bottom Half of the Shield
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