Sociology Ch.18

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  1. Family
    A social institution foun in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another, including any children.
  2. Kinship
    A social bond on common ancestry, marriage, or adoption.
  3. Marriage
    A legal relationship, Usually involving economic cooperation, sexual activity, and childbearing.
  4. Extended family
    A family consisting of parents and children and other kin ; Also known as consanguine family.
  5. Nuclear Family
    A family composed of one or two parents wnd their children; also known as conjugal family.
  6. Endogamy
    Marriage between two people of the same social category.
  7. Exogamy
    marriage between two people of different social categories.
  8. Monogamy
    marriage that unites two partners.
  9. Polygamy
    marriage that units a person and two or more spouses.
  10. Polygany
    Marriage that unites a man and two or more women.
  11. Polyandry
    marriage that unites one woman and two or more men.
  12. Patrilocality
    A residential pattern in which a married couple lives with or near the husbands family.
  13. Matrilocality
    A residention patter in which a married couple lives with or near th wifes family.
  14. Descent
    The system by which members of a society trace kinship over generations.
  15. Patrilineal descent
    A system tracing kinship through men.
  16. Matrilineal descent
    A system tracing kinship through women.
  17. Bilateral descent
    A system tracing kinship through both men and women
  18. incest taboo
    A norm forbidding sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives.
  19. Homogamy
    Marriage between people with the same social characteristics.
  20. Infidelity
    Sexual activity outside one's marriage
  21. Family violence
    Emotional, Physical, or sexual abuseof one family member by another
  22. Cohabitation
    The sharing of a household by an unmarried couple.
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