Statistics Chapter 1

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  1. constructs
    attributes or characteristics that cannot be directly observed

    (i.e. intelligence, hunger, anxiety)
  2. operational definition
    • defines a construct in terms of external behaviors that can be observed and measured
    • (i.e. IQ test performance, hours since eating)
  3. discrete variable
    separate, indivisible categories

    (i.e. male, female)
  4. continuous variable
    infinite number of possible values; each measurement is an interval that must be defined by boundaries
  5. real limits
    boundaries of intervals for scores; exactly 1/2 way between the scores above and below

    • 1) upper real limit
    • 2) lower real limit
  6. nominal scale
    set of categories that have different names; does not make any quantitive differences
  7. ordinal scale
    • set of categories that are organized in and ordered sequence corresponding to differences in magnitude
    • (example: ranking - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
  8. interval scale
    series of ordered categories that form a series of intervals that are exactly the same (inches, seconds, lbs); zero is arbitrary and holds no value
  9. ratio scale
    anchored by a a zero point that represents complete absence; measures direction and size of magnitude
  10. order of mathematical operations:
    • 1. ( )
    • 2. exponents
    • 3. x or /
    • 4. sigma
    • 5. + or -

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