World History

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  1. What is divine right used to support?
    absoulte rule
  2. Who was the Heliocentric theory proposed by?
  3. What did Francis Bacon help develop?
    scientific method
  4. What did Isacc Newton explain?
    Universal Law of Gravitation
  5. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  6. Who was the Bill of Rights influenced by?
    all of the above
  7. What percent of the French population was in the 3rd Estate?
  8. What happened on July 14th, Bastille Day?
    peasants stormed the bastille, looking for gun powder
  9. Which was NOT stated in the slogan of the French Revolution?
  10. What document states men are born free and equal?
    Declaration of the Rights of Men
  11. In the Reign of Terror, who was safe from the guillitine?
    no one
  12. What did Napoleon accomplish at peace time?
    all of the above
  13. How did Admiral Nelson win the Battle of Trafaulgar?
    divided French fleets and attacted
  14. Why did Napoleon attack Portugaul?
    to enforce to continental system
  15. unknown question
    machine made goods
  16. What was a result of the Agricultural Revolution?
    all of the above
  17. What are the 3 factors of production?
    land, labor, capital
  18. What was the main cause on urbanization?
  19. How did wealthy land owners view the 3rd class?
    they looked down upon them
  20. What was a benefit for being a stockholder?
    not responsible for debts
  21. What did the laisse-fair believe in?
    no government interference in settig working conditions
  22. What is a voluntary group of workers seeking reforms?
  23. Which of the following was a reform movement?
    all of the above
  24. What was the differance between Eurpoeans and protectors in Africa?
  25. How was paternalism used in Africa?
    they were watched over and taken care of
  26. Who adopted then abandoned assimilation in Africa?
  27. How did Menalik II differ from other African leaders
    he managed to maintain independence
  28. What best describes the boundries in Africa and the end of the 19th century?
    unnaturally imposed
  29. What is a type of government where the people govern themselves?
  30. What is a republic?
    government where citizens elect representatives
  31. In the Enlightenment, who had the idea of Life, Liberty, and Property?
  32. Locke said that the 3 natural rights were-
    and ___________ protects it.
    life, liberty, property. forming government
  33. How did the US constitution create a strong government, but not tyrant?
    balanced powers
  34. How did Montesqui effect the constitution?
    brances of government
  35. What does the Law of Universal Gravitation state?
    physical objects attract to other physical objects
  36. What did the Enlightenment propose?
    all of the above
  37. Why did the American colonists protest about taxation without representation?
    stamp act
  38. Which Enlightenment thinker contradicted the US constitution?
  39. 1700s Enlightenment ideas:
    all of the above
  40. What did the censors of the catholic church band?
  41. Which Enlightenment idea was used in the Declaration of Independence?
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  42. Which group most embrassed Enlightenment ideas?
  43. What percent of France was in the 1st and 2nd estates?
  44. How did industrialzation effect Britain's economy?
    positively, good banks, loans
  45. What was the impact of the steam engine on the transportation goods?
    launced the railway age
  46. How did the Industrial Revolution effect cities?
    The population grew faster than the housing supply
  47. What was the key in a free market economy?
    refuse to interefer in anything
  48. How Europe use paternalism in Africa
    tended to their needs, but not rights
  49. How did technological advances effect factories?
    population of goods increased
  50. What benefit of the railroad in Britain?
    cheap transportation for materials and goods
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