English2 midterm

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  1. conjure (Verb)
    to create or summon using magic or a spell
  2. Transient (adj)
    Not lasting long; temporary
  3. Thwart (verb)
    prevent from accomplishing a purpose
  4. innocuous (adj)
  5. arresting (adj)
    attracting attention and interest
  6. Beguile (verb)
  7. Volatile (adj)
    tending to break into open violence
  8. Vacillate (verb)
    to be indecisive; to sway unsteadily
  9. Superfluous (adj)
  10. Staid (adj)
    fixed; permanent
  11. Petulant (adj)
    easily irritated over trifiling annoyances
  12. Acrimony (noun)
    bitterness or hatred
  13. prudent (adj)
    wise in practical affairs
  14. Dissembling (adj)
    concealing true motives; sneaky
  15. pretense (noun)
    pretending; fake
  16. quail (verb)
    to shrink in fear
  17. Reticent (adj)
  18. trepidation (noun)
  19. Defamation (noun)
    unjust injury to another's reputation
  20. Ingenious (adj)
    clever or resourceful
  21. languid (adj)
    lacking in vitality; slow
  22. subjective (adj)
    existing in the mind
  23. Altruistic (adj)
    concerned for the welfare of others
  24. Candor (noun)
    freedom from bias
  25. Deference (noun)
    willful submission to another
  26. Sinuous (adj)
    having many curves
  27. Tengential (adj)
    slightly connected
  28. Pastoral (adj)
    having qualities attributed to a rural area
  29. Cleave (verb)
    to stick to or to cut
  30. Bedlam (noun)
    state of confusion
  31. Beleaguer (verb)
    to harass; surround with military
  32. Wary (adj)
  33. Ubiquitious (adj)
    existing or being everywhere
  34. Specious (adj)
    pleasing to the eye but deceptive
  35. Contentious (adj)
    tending to argue or fight
  36. Gregarious (adj)
    Fond of other's company; sociable
  37. Esoteric (adj)
    understood by few who have interest
  38. Orator (noun)
    public speaker
  39. Denizen (noun)
  40. vicarious (adj)
    received or done in the place of another
  41. Static (adj)
    showing little or no change
  42. nonchalance (noun)
  43. Autonomous (adj)
  44. Ephemeral (adj)
    lasting a short time; temporary
  45. Somnolent (adj)
  46. Derision (noun)
    ridicule; mockery
  47. Amenable (adj)
    willing to answer
  48. Exonerate (verb)
    to clear from accusation or guilt
  49. Allusion (term)
    a reference to a famous work or story; When the crowd parted for Abigail and the girls, it alludes to Moses' parting of the red sea
  50. Allegory (Term)
    Story with multiple meanings; The Crucible was an allegory about the Salem witch trials and the 1950's McCarthianism trials
  51. Parallelism (term)
    Using words that agree in tense, direction, and meaning; The declaration of independence uses parallelism in the grievances by saying "he has unjustly taxed us and he has stormed our houses for food and shelter"
  52. Gothic Fiction (term)
    Romantic style literature that was very negative and bleak; an example is Edgar Allen Poe's Fall of the House of Usher and its darnkess
  53. Bias (term)
    Opinion that affects the way someone writes or believes in a topic; John Smith used bias in his General History of Virginia.
  54. Theme (term)
    the subject or main idea of the story; the Theme of The Interesting Tale of Oludah Equiano was his time on a slave ship going to America
  55. Emotional Appeal (term)
    Using specific words to get attention and appeal to the audience's emotions; The emotional appeal of the Declaration of Independence is getting a feeling of anger and rebellion, which was plentiful at the time
  56. Oral Tradition (term)
    Passing on stories from generation to generation by telling them to younger generations; Most Indian folktales, like When Bears walked upright, were passed on through oral tradition
  57. Symbolism (term)
    Using symbols to represent multiple subjects; In the Devil and Tom Walker, a Black Man represents Satan.
  58. Metaphor (term)
    A statement comparing 2 ovjects without using "like" or "as"; In the Great Gatsby, Nick says "Conduct may be founded on hard rock or in wet marshes"
  59. Stanza (term)
    A poetic paragraph with a certain number of lines; An example is a quatrain, which has 4 lines
  60. Paradox (term)
    A statement that appears false but under further examination reveals a truth; an example in the Scarlet Letter is that the scarlet letter gains Hester respect in the community
  61. Direct Characterization
    The author describes a character in a way that develops the character; an example in Of Mice and Men was "Curly was quick and mean".
  62. Indirect Characterization
    Finding out about characters by their thoughts and actions; an example in Of mice and men was when Curly felt insecure about Lennie's size
  63. Dramatic Irony (Term)
    A time where a situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in a play;An example in The Crucible is when John Proctor forgets Adultry as one of his 10 Commandments
  64. Double (term)
    2 entities who are tied together (look alike, twins); fates are tied together also (one dies and the other dies soon after); an example in the Fall of the House of Usher is when Usher's sister escapes the tomb and tackles her brother and they both die.
  65. Epistle (term)
    A public letter meant to be read by many; an example of an Epistle is Creveocoeur's Letters from an American Farmer
  66. Scansion (term)
    3 step process of determing the rhyme and rhythm of a poem consisting of stanzas, rhyme scheme, and Rhythm. An Example of scansion is that many of Shakespeare's sonnets are written in Iambic Pentameter
  67. Diction (term)
    choice of words that correspons to the author's tone and the mood given; An example of diction in the scarlet letter is the use of infamy and dishonor to show the importance of honor in the community and with God
  68. Motif (term)
    A recurring object, theme, or subject in Literature; an example in The Great Gatsby is the weather and how each encounter is set in pouring rain, intense heat, or night
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