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  1. Define Instinct Theory
    an innate knowledge about how to survive.
  2. Define Drive Reduction Theory
    Humans are driven to reduce the drive of biological needs so that they may maintain a sense of internal calmness.
  3. Define Arousal Theory
    Humans are driven to maintain a certain kind of arousal in order to feel comfortable.
  4. Define Psychoanalytic Theory
    Humans are driven to do things because these things assure their survival.
  5. Define Humanistic Theory
    Humans are driven to achieve their maximum potential and will always do so uncless obstacles are placed in their way.
  6. Define James-Lange Theory
    An event causes physiological arousal first, we interpret the arousal, and then we experience emotion. If the arousal is not noticed or not given any thought, no emotion is experienced.
  7. Define Cannon-Bard Theory
    We experience physiological arousal and emotion at the same time.
  8. Define Schachter-Singer Theory
    An event causes physiological arousal first and the person must identify a reason for this arousal and then are able to experience and labe the emotion.
  9. Define Lazarus Theory
    A thought must come before any emotional or physiological arousal.
  10. Define Facial Feedback Theory
    Emotion is the experience of changes in our facial muscles.
  11. List the 5 theories of motivation
    • - Instinct Theory
    • - Drive Reduction Theory
    • - Arousal Theory
    • - Psychoanalytic Theory
    • - Humanistic Theory
  12. List the four reflexes humans are bon with which promote survival.
    • - sucking
    • - swallowing
    • - coughing
    • - blinking
  13. List the 3 states of activity arousal refers to.
    • - emotional
    • - intellectual
    • - physical
  14. List the 5 theories of emotion.
    • - James-Lange Theory
    • - Cannon-Bard Theory
    • - Schachter-Singer Theory
    • - Lazarus Theory
    • - Facial Feedback Theory
  15. Instinct Theory is derived from our _______________________.
    - biological make-up
  16. Sigmund Freud believe that, in relation to the psychoanalytic theory, he believed that humans have only two basic drives: ______ and ________, or the ________ and _______ drives.
    • - Eros
    • - Thantos
    • - Life
    • -Death
  17. The Cannon-Bard Theory gives no attention to the role of ___________ or _________________.
    • - thoughts
    • - outward behavior.
  18. In the Facial Feedback Theory, it is the changes in our __________ that cure our _______ and provide the _______ for our emotions.
    • - facial muscles
    • - brain
    • - basis
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