GRE Vocab

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  1. Abase
    to humble; to disgrace
  2. abate
    to reduce in amount, degree, or severity
  3. abdicate
    to give up on a position, right, or power
  4. aberrant
    deviating from what is normal or expected
  5. abeyance
    temporary suppression or suspension
  6. abjure
    to reject; to abandon fomally
  7. abscond
    to leave secretly
  8. abstain
    to choose not to do something
  9. abstemious
    moderate in appetite
  10. abyss
    an extremely deep hole
  11. accretion
    a growth in size; an increase in amount
  12. acidulous
    sour in taste or manner
  13. acme
    highest point; summit; the highest level or degree
  14. adulterate
    to make impure
  15. advocate
    to speak in favor of
  16. aerie
    a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often
  17. Aesthetic
    concerning the appreciation of beauty
  18. Affected
    phony; artificial
  19. Aggrandize
    to increase in power, influence, and reputation
  20. Alacrity
    speed or quickness
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