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  1. What is Weathering?
    Weathering is when rocks are broken down into smaller fragments.
  2. What is Erosion?
    • Image UploadErosion is when rock fragments are moved by some force of nature.
  3. What is Deposition?
    Image UploadDeposition is when rock fragmints are laid down in a new location.
  4. What is an Igneous Rock?
    • An Igneous Rock is formed by cooling & hardening of hot liquid rock.
    • Image Upload
  5. What is an Sedimentary Rock?
    • Image UploadAn Sedimentary Rock is formed when sediments are pressed & cementede together.
  6. What is an Metamorphic Rock?
    • Image UploadAn Metamorphic Rock is formed when rocks are changed by heat and presure.
  7. What is the Law of Superposition?
    The law of Superposition is with the older rocks on the bottom and the younger rocks on top.
  8. How many years does it take to get through a layer?
    1 Million Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How long is the Colorado River?
    277 miles Long
  10. Who was respoinsable for mapping the Grand Canyon by traveling down the Colorado River?
    John Wesley Powell.
  11. Where does the Colorado River Begin?
    Lee's Fairy

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Rocks and Grand Canyon

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