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  1. How do you draw an electron dot diagram?
    • 1. Write symbol for element
    • 2. Find out how many valence electrons that has
    • 3. Draw appropriate number of dots around the symbol
  2. How do you name an ionic compound?
    • - Name the Metal first, retaining its name
    • - Name Non Metal second, changing the end to "ide"
  3. How is an ion formed?
    An ion is formed when an atom gains or loses an electron
  4. List the number of valence electrons for each group except for transition metals:
    • Gr 1: 1ve
    • Gr 2: 2ve
    • Gr 13: 3ve
    • Gr 14: 4ve
    • Gr 15: 5ve
    • Gr 16: 6ve
    • Gr 17: 7ve
    • Gr 18: 8ve
  5. What are subscripts?
  6. What are valence electrons?
    The outermost electrons in an electron shell
  7. What combines in an ionic compound?
    metals and nonmetals
  8. What is a chemical formula?
    a chemical formula shows the number of atoms each element in a bond
  9. When an atom gains an electron, what charge will it have?
    when an atom gains an electron, it will have a negative charge
  10. When an atom loses an electron, what charge will it have?
    When an atom loses an electron, it will have a positive charge

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