Psychology - stress

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  1. what is stress?
    the arousal of one's mind and bosy in response to demands made upon them.
  2. what are the sources of stress?
    frustration, faily hassles. life changes, and conflicts (4 types of conflicts)
  3. what is a stressor?
    event or situation that produces stress
  4. what is the approach-approach conflict?
    two good items to choose from
  5. what is the avoidance-avoidance conflict?
    two bad items to choose from. "would you rather"
  6. what is the approach avoidance conflict?
    eatin candy -> dentist
  7. what is the multiple approach avoidance?
    the brocoli and fit thing. always a good and always a bad
  8. what is self-efficacy expectations?
    the beliefs that people have that they can accompliish tasks if they set up goals for them
  9. what is psychological hardiness?
    commitment, challenge and taking control.
  10. what is sense of humor.
    can prevent stress.
  11. what is predictability?
    the ability to predict a stressor can reduce amounts of stress. for example, teaching letting you know there will be a test is better than pop quizzes.
  12. how can people offer social support?
    listening, provide relief, offer information, provide feedback and just socializing
  13. what is the General Adaptation syndrome?
    it has three stages: alarm reaction, resistance stage and exhaustion
  14. what is the alarm reaction?
    body floods with adrenaline and steroids. "Fight or flight"
  15. what is the resistance stage?
    people find ways to cope with the stressor. Body tries to restore damamge and yeah.
  16. what is the exhaustion stage?
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