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    Shakir Hassan al-Said, "The Envious Shall Not Pass", 1979
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    Mona Hatoum, "Measures of Distance", 1988
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    Sigalit Landau, "Barbed Hula", 2000
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    Andy Goldsworthy, "Reconstructed Icicles", 1995
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    Agnes Denes, "Wheatfield: A Confrontation", 1982
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    Mierle Ukeles, "Touch Sanitation Performance", 1977-80
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    Michael Rakowitz, "ParaSITE Shelter", 2000
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    Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, "T_Visionarium II", 2008
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    Pierre Huyghe, "The Third Memory", 2000
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    Jeremy Deller, "Re-enactment of the battle of Orgreave", 2001
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    Yes Men, "Yes Men Score a Hit for Bhopal", 2002
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    Rivane Neunschwander, "I Wish Your Wish", 2003
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    Zbigniew Libera, "Correcting Device: Lego Concentration Camp", 1996
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    Banksy, "Kissing Coppers", 2005
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