Unit 2

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  1. Matter
    Anything that has weight and occupies space
  2. Elements
    Chemical substance with only one type of atom
  3. Nucleus
    Core of an atom composed of protons and neutrons and DNA
  4. Electrons
    Small negatively charged particles that is around the nucleus of an atom
  5. Protons
    Positively charged particle in an atomic nucleus
  6. Neutron
    Electrically neutral subatomic particle
  7. Ion
    An atom or molecule with an electrical charge
  8. What are the 4 major elements in the body
    Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
  9. Compound
    Substance composed of two or more chemically bonded elements
  10. Molecule
    Particle composed of two or more joined atoms
  11. Cation
    an atom carrying a positive chargedue to a deficiency of electrons
  12. Anion
    an atom carrying a negative charge due to an extra electron
  13. Covalent Bond
    a chemical bond formed by electron sharing between atoms
  14. Hydrogen bond
    Weak bond between a hydrogen atom and an atom of oxygen or nitrogen
  15. PH
    the shorthand notation for the hydrogen ion concentration used to indicate the acidic or alkaline condition of a solution from 0-14
  16. Acid
    substance that ionizes in water to release hydrogen ions
  17. Base
    Substance that ionizes in water releasing hydroxide ions or other ions that combine with hydrogen ions
  18. Neutral
    neither acid or base
  19. Neutral PH
  20. PH of blood
  21. Water
    • -most abundant compound in living materials
    • -2/3 body weight
  22. Organic
    • Molecule that contains carbon
    • Form covalent bonds
    • large
  23. Inorganic
    • Chemical that does not include carbon and hydrogen atoms
    • Small
    • Form ionic bonds
  24. Function of water
    • -transport
    • -absorbing
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