Volume 1 Sec 3. 015

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  1. Which MOF section is responsible for monitoring and coordinationg sortie and maintenance production and overall execution of the flying and maintenance schedules?
  2. Who is responsible for appointing, in writing, a highly qualified individual to perform Engine Health Management duties?
  3. Which MOF section is responsible for coordinating aircraft maintenancerequirements and ensuring proper utilization scheduling between the OG and MXG and any other applicable external agencies?
    MOF Plans, Scheduling and Documention (PS&D) Section.
  4. What is the primary mission of the Maintenance Data System Analysis section?
    To track, analyze and present info to help the varous levels of leadership assess the health of their unit aircraft and equipment.
  5. Other than teaching, what is the mission of the Maintenance Training Flight?
    To serve as MXG's single point of contact for all training matters affectiong maintence and to be responsible for the overall management and control of the Trianing Mangermnet subsystem of IMDS-CDB.
  6. What are unit training manager responsible for doing in addition to assisting squadron commanders with training matters?
    Managing Squadron enlisted speciality training programs.
  7. Is the MTF normally allowed to duplicate training taught on base by a locally assigned AETC Training Detachment?
  8. Programs and Resources Flight personnel are primarily responsible for managing what programs within the Maintenance Group?
    Manning, facitities, support agreements and deployment program
  9. With regards to monthly SORTS reporiting, what function does the Programs and Resources Flight serve?
    They are the central agency for gathering SORTS data for Mxg and gor compiling this data into a report that is reviewed by MXG leadership.
  10. Within the Programs and Resources flight who can give technical assistance for palletizing equipment or doing a deployment site survey?
    Logistics planner.
  11. What is the primary mission of QA?
    to evealuate the quality of maintenance accomplished in MXG and to perform necessary functions to manage the organization's maintenance standardization and evaluation programs.
  12. What are four types of evaluations that help QA to accomplish its mission?
    Personnel evaluations (PE), Quality Verification Inspections (QVI), Mannagement Inspections (MIs), Special Inspection (SI).
  13. With regards to W&B scale readings and computaions, what is the NCOIC/manager of the W&B program personally responsible for doing?
    Verifying scale readings and accomplishing or overseeing the actual computations.
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