Command Line commands

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  1. pwd
    print working directory
  2. whoami
    who am i
  3. mkdir
    make directory
  4. cd
    change directory
  5. ls
    list directory
  6. rmdir
    remove directory
  7. pushd
    push directory
  8. popd
    pop directory
  9. cp
    copy a file or directory
  10. robocopy
    robust copy
  11. mv
    move file or directory
  12. more
    page through a file
  13. type
    print the whole file
  14. forfiles
    run a command on lots of files
  15. dir /r
    find files
  16. select-string
    find things inside files
  17. help
    read a manual page
  18. helpctr
    find what man page is appropriate
  19. echo
    print some arguments
  20. set
    export/set a new environment variable
  21. exit
    exit the shell
  22. runas
    DANDGER! become super user root DANGER!
  23. attrib
    change permission modifiers
  24. iCACLS
    change ownership
  25. more
    view file
  26. touch
    create a new file
  27. | (pipe)
    takes the action on the left and pipes it to the object on the right
  28. <
    take the action on the right and does it to the object on the left. ie bigfile.txt < cat *.txt
  29. >
    takes the action on the left and does it to the object on the right. ie. cat *.txt > bigfile.txt
  30. *
    works as a wild card. ie $ rm *.txt - removes all files ending in .txt
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