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  1. 1x/IS-95
    CDMA 2000 evolution for voice and medium data rate
  2. 1xEV-DO
    CDMA 2000 EVolution, Data Optimized
  3. 1xRTT
    CDMA 2000 Radio Transmission Technology "1x" refers to 1 x the number of 1.25 MHz channels
  4. 3G
    Third-generation wireless system
  5. 3GPP2
    Third Generation Partnership Project 2
  6. AMPS
    Advanced Mobile Phone System/Service
  7. ANSI
    American National Standards Institute
  8. ANSI-41
    A worldwide network signaling standard used in CDMA systems
  9. AT
    Access Terminal
  10. AVRU
    Automated Voice Response Unit
  11. BID
    Billing ID
  12. BTS
    Base Transceiver Station
  13. CCLM
    CDMA channel list message
  14. CDG
    CDMA Development Group
  15. CDMA
    Code Division Multiple Access
  16. CDMA-2000
    A family of air interface standards evolved from IS-95 the family includes evolutionary steps such as 1X, EV-DO, EV-DO Rev A, etc.
  17. CGSA
    Cellular Geographic Service Area
  18. CSC
    Customer Service Center
  19. DO
    Data optimized (as in EV-DO)
  20. Ec/Io
    Energy per chip divided by energy of interference
  21. EIA
    Electronics Industry Association
  22. ESN
    Electronic Serial Number
  23. GEO
    Geographical Areas
  24. GRSA
    Geographic Region Service Area
  25. GSM
    Global System for Mobiles
  26. HRL
    Home Location Register
  27. HNI
    Home Network Identifier
  28. IFAST
    International Forum on ANSI-41 Standards Technology
  29. IMSI
    International Mobile Station Identity
  30. MCC
    Mobile Country Code
  31. MIN
    Mobile Identification Number
  32. MNC
    Mobile Network Code
  33. MRU
    Most Recently Used
  34. MS
    Mobile Station
  35. MSC
    Mobile Switching Center
  36. MSID
    Mobile Station ID
  37. MSM
    Mobile Station Modem
  38. NID
    Network ID
  39. NV
  40. OTA
  41. OTAF
    Over-the-Air Function
  42. OTAPA
    Over-the-Air Parameter Administration
  43. OTASP
    Over-the-Air Service Provision
  44. PDSN
    Packet Data Servicing Node
  45. PRL
    Preferred Roaming List
  46. PSTN
    Public Switched Telephone Network
  47. RF
    Radio Frequency
  48. RUIM
    Removable User Identity Module
  49. SD
    System Determination
  50. SID
    System ID
  51. SMS
    Short Message Service
  52. SPASM
    Subscriber Parameter Administration Security Mechanism
  53. SSPR
    System Selection for Preferred Roaming
  54. TDS
    Technical Data Sheet
  55. TLDN
    Temporary Local Directory Number
  56. TMSI
    Temporary Mobile Station ID
  57. UIM
    User Identify Module
  58. VRU
    Voice Response Unit
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