GI hormones

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  1. gastrin is produced where
    antrum duodenum
  2. secretion of gastrin is stimulated by
    protein, vagal input, calcium, etoh, antral distention, pH>3
  3. gastrin secretion decreased by
    pH<3, CCK,secretin, calcitonin, vip, gip, glucagon
  4. response to gastrin
    • secretion of HCl, intrinsic factor, pepsinogen
    • increase gastric motility
    • trophic effects
  5. location of somatostatin production
    d cells in duodenum
  6. secretion of somatostatin stimulated by
    acid in duodenum
  7. GIP stands for what and is produced where
    glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide, produced by k cells in duodenum
  8. GIP secretion is stimulated by
    glucose in the stomach
  9. secretion of cck stimulated by
    protein and fat in duodenum
  10. response to cck secretion
    • gb contraction
    • relaxation of sphincter of oddi
    • increase pancreatic acinar enzyme release
    • increase intestinal motility
    • hepatic bile sythesis
    • satiety
  11. secretion of secretin stimulated and inhibited by
    • stim- pH<4, fat, bile
    • inh- pH>4, gastrin
  12. response to secretin
    • - gastrin
    • increase hco3 secretion from
    • brunner's glands and pancreas
    • increase bile flow
  13. composition of high pancreatic output
    increase bicarb decrease cl
  14. most important stimulant of pancreatic duct cells
  15. VIP secretion stimulated by
    • fat
    • ach
  16. response to VIP
    • increase intestinal secretion
    • increase intestinal motility
    • decrease gastrin
  17. secretion of glucagon stimulated by
    • decrease glucose
    • increase aas
    • ach
    • grp
    • catecholamines
  18. what are decreased with glucagon secretion
    • gastric acid
    • pancreatic secretion
    • gastric and intestinal motility
    • myenteric motor complexes
  19. glucagon increase the tone in what
  20. insulin stimulates the synthesis of what
    protein, glycogen, tags
  21. response to pancreatic polypeptide
    decrease endo and exocrine function of pancreas
  22. secretion of pancreatic polypeptide stimulated by
    fasting exercise hypoglycemia
  23. GRP is released from what
    post ganglionic fibers of vagus nerves
  24. function of GRP
    increase gastric acid, intestinal motility, and pancreatic enzyme secretion
  25. motilin found where
  26. motilin receptors found where
    gastric antrum, duodenum, colon
  27. secretion of motilin stimulated by
    duodenal acid and vagus input
  28. anorexia is mediated where and by what
    • hypothalmus
    • cck and peptide YY
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