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  1. Group that investigated the need for permanent staffing for the president
    Brownlos Commision
  2. Office of Management and Budget
    Prepares and administers the federal budget
  3. In theory, can congress can govern alone TRUE/FALSE
  4. Since WWII, less than ______ of bills intoroduced in congress have become law
  5. The founders intended and believed that congress would be the (most least) powerful national institution
  6. Do Americans love or hate congress
  7. Since WWII, ______ of house members and ______ senators seeking re election have won
    92, 77
  8. Population shifts in recent decades have meant more political power for the states in the
    South and West
  9. Requirements age
    House- 25. Senator 30, President 35
  10. Direct election of the senate
    17th amendment
  11. Who is the most powerful member of the senate
    Majority leader
  12. This group is majority in senate
  13. This group is the majority in the HoR
  14. Constituency Services 1/3: Doing a personal favor, such as getting him/her a gov check
    Case Work
  15. Constituency Services 2/3: Free mailings that go out to the constituents
  16. Constituency Services 3/3: Getting money added for a pet project
    Pork Barrel Projects
  17. The representative should vote the wishes of the people
  18. This is where the majority of 1 party is pitted against a majority of another party.
    Party Vote. (Europeans, party vote is no.1 Europeans believe their party will act on their promises)
  19. What are the basic units of congress called
    Standing commitees
  20. Commitees are usually broken down into several subcommmitees, what do they do?
    Legislative work
  21. The most important factor in chairperson
  22. Conference commitees are
    temp commitees tha are formed to reconile conflicting versions of a bill
  23. A bill will become a law if greater than ____ days have passed while congress HAS BEEN IN SESSION
  24. Who assigns the terms of debate for all legislation that moves to the house floor
    Rules Commitee
  25. Who assigns members to the rules committee
    the speaker
  26. Every ____ years, ___ of the senate is up for re-election
    2; 1/3
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