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  1. Recombinant DNA Technology
    Molecular techniques that enables one to isolate, alter, and study DNA segments (genes) aka genetic engineering
  2. chimera
    Hybrid DNA molecules that have been manipulated to contain DNA segments from two or more sources
  3. DNA sequencing
    • The process of determining the sequence of bases along a DNA strand
    • Methods: Sanger (Dideoxy) sequencing method, Radiolabeled ddNTPs
  4. Restriction enzymes
    • Enzyme that recognizes specific base sequences in DNA and makes double stranded cuts nearby
    • Three types: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3
  5. Type 1 restriction enzyme
    Cuts at random sites distant from recognition sequence
  6. Type 2 restriction enzymes
    • Cuts non-randomly within recognition sequence
    • Recognize specific sequences and cut the DNA within the recognition sequence
    • Palindromic
    • Two different types of cuts: Blunt ends, staggered ends
  7. Type 3 restriction enzymes
    Cuts at random sites near the recognition site
  8. Gel electrophoresis
    • DNA fragments are separated on an agarose gel based on size
    • Can be used to separate DNA molecules on the basis of their size and electrical charge
  9. Cloning vectors
    • Stable replicating DNA molecules to which a foreign DNA fragment can be attached
    • Three characteristics: Origin of replication (ori), selectable marker (s), and restriction site (s)
  10. Types of cloning vectors
    • Plasmid vectors (bacteria)
    • Bacteriophage (viruses)
    • Cosmids (yeast)
  11. The Reaction Steps
    • Denaturation
    • Annealing
    • Extension
  12. Induction
    • The gene will be turned on or off at all times
    • Induced by substrate the proteins look for
  13. Polycistronic message
    Two types: constitutive and induction
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