Language Arts Final Quack

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  1. tout
    to publicly brag
  2. extol
    to praise highly
  3. quell
    to calm; pacify
  4. brawn
    muscular stregnth
  5. efface
    to erase; to rub off
  6. hinderance
    something that delays action or progress
  7. hiatus
    a break or vacation
  8. kindle
    to start a fire; ignite; arouse
  9. copious
    abundant; plentiful
  10. artisan
    a person who is skillful with his/her hands
  11. enhance
  12. glutton
    someone who consumes to much food or drink
  13. obscure
    dark unknown; hart to understand
  14. engender
    to create; to cause
  15. delineate
    to describe accurately
  16. nefarious
    extreme wickedness
  17. querulous
  18. obliterate
    to destroy completely
  19. vernacular
    everyday speech;slang
  20. pugnacious
    eager to fignt
  21. sage
    a profoundly wise person
  22. assail
    to attack
  23. fecund
  24. deride
    to laugh at or scorn
  25. idyllic
    naturally peaceful
  26. amorous
    feeling loving. especially in a sexual sense
  27. expedite
    to speed up the progress of
  28. decorous
    proper in good taste
  29. volatile
    highly unstable;explosive
  30. juxtapose
    to place side to side, in order to show contrast, to compare

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Language Arts Final Quack
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Language Arts Final Quack

Language Arts Final Quack
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