r initial sentence Set 1

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  1. I will run a race.
  2. Is it raining?
  3. Rats like to eat cheese.
  4. Sit and rest awhile.
  5. Ron reads books.
  6. Can you reach the cookies?
  7. This road is bumpy.
  8. Are you ready to go?
  9. The red roses are lovely.
  10. Did Rick see the robin?
  11. Ruth will rake the leaves.
  12. The rusty rocket is old.
  13. Please eat the raisins.
  14. Rachel's room is messy.
  15. My raccoon ran away.
  16. Is it time for recess?
  17. The rent is due now.
  18. Roxy has a ruby ring.
  19. Do you like roast beef?
  20. Is that rash poison ivy?

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r initial sentence Set 1
2011-12-18 00:53:11
speech sounds initial position sentences

speech sounds r initial position sentences Set 1
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