r initial sentence Set 2

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  1. Ray wrapped the gift.
  2. The roof is leaky.
  3. My blouse has ruffles.
  4. Please pass the relish.
  5. Rabbits are good pets.
  6. His pants have a rip.
  7. I really like radishes.
  8. Is this the right one?
  9. Ripe bananas taste good.
  10. Mom got a pay raise.
  11. Randy runs fast.
  12. The radio is really loud!
  13. What a beautiful rainbow!
  14. A snake is a reptile.
  15. Please follow the rules.
  16. Can you row the boat?
  17. It's time to relax.
  18. Roaches are yucky.
  19. Do you play rugby?
  20. You can rely on me!
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r initial sentence Set 2
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