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  1. 51. What are some of the effects which can be produced by electricity?
    Heat, light, power, music.
  2. 52. Upon what do these various effects (produced by electricity) depend?
    Upon the mechanism to which electricity is attached.
  3. 53. What is the result of the action and interaction of the individual mind upon the Universal?
    The conditions and experiences with which we meet.
  4. 54. How may these conditions which we meet in life be changed?
    By changing the mechanism by which the Universal is differentiated in form.
  5. 55. What is this mechanism by which the Universal is differentiated in form
    The brain.
  6. 56. How may the mechanism by which the Universal is differentiated in form be changed?
    By the process we call thinking. Thoughts produce brain cells, and these cells respond to the corresponding thought in the Universal.
  7. 57. Of what value is the power of concentration?
    It is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired, and the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.
  8. 58. How may the power of concentration be acquired?
    By faithfully practicing the exercises in this System.
  9. 59. Why is practicing the exercises in this System so important?
    Because it will enable us to control our thoughts, and since thoughts are causes conditions must be effects; if we can control the cause we can also control the effect.
  10. 60. What is changing conditions and multiplying results in the objective world?
    Men are learning the basic methods of constructive thinking.
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