r initial sentence Set 3

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  1. Sandy ran in the race.
  2. Did he really buy a rowboat?
  3. Don't play rough at recess.
  4. Rhonda will rinse the dishes.
  5. Rabbits like raw vegetables.
  6. She received some roses today.
  7. Remind Stan to wrap the gift.
  8. You resemble your Uncle Russ.
  9. Rain is falling on the roof.
  10. Dan is ready to read the book.
  11. Do you have a recipe for relish?
  12. I have relatives in Rhode Island.
  13. Jane recommends that we buy a rake.
  14. The radio is playing rock and roll music.
  15. Remove the ribbon from the package.
  16. Do you have a reason for being late?
  17. She packed raisins in Rita's lunchbox.
  18. He sold red dishes at the rummage sale.
  19. He's on restriction because of bad grades.
  20. She received some ruby red roses today.
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