r final sentence Set 1

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r final sentence Set 1
2011-12-18 01:14:23
speech sounds final position sentence Set

r final position sentence Set 1
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  1. I admire my teacher.
  2. An alligator has sharp teeth.
  3. The bear is in the woods.
  4. Will the bottle float ashore?
  5. Mr. Own is a baker?
  6. The beaver built a dam.
  7. Where is your brother?
  8. Let's make a campfire.
  9. Her car is in the driveway.
  10. I care about you.
  11. Please sit in this chair.
  12. Did she do her chore?
  13. His dog has a collar.
  14. Which dinosaur is the biggest?
  15. Our baby wears a diaper.
  16. She is a famous doctor.
  17. We left the door open.
  18. The fair is coming to town.
  19. Hank lit the fire.
  20. The spoon fell to the floor.

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