r final sentence Set 2

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  1. My father is a juggler.
  2. I found a feather.
  3. This flower smells sweet.
  4. She cut her hair today.
  5. The hammer is here.
  6. When did you see her?
  7. The snow lasts one hour.
  8. Tim keeps pennies in a jar.
  9. May I borrow your ladder?
  10. She wrote a letter to Sue.
  11. The lobster is in the ocean.
  12. You are a mature person.
  13. My mother is fantastic.
  14. He will deliver the newspaper.
  15. The kitty began to purr.
  16. Her dad uses a razor to shave.
  17. What's the score?
  18. Donna takes a shower at night.
  19. I will wear a sweater.
  20. Your jacket has a zipper.
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r final sentence Set 2
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