r medial sentence Set 1

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  1. Morris is a pirate.
  2. Gary flew in the airplane.
  3. He put his arm around her.
  4. Barry found an arrowhead.
  5. They will arrive tomorrow.
  6. The arrow hit the target.
  7. Terry is an attorney.
  8. What a bargain!
  9. Why is that dog barking?
  10. Your beard is soft.
  11. Can you pick berries with me?
  12. She always takes a camera.
  13. A canary is a bird.
  14. I will send him a card.
  15. This casserole has carrots in it.
  16. Please pass the celery.
  17. We went to church yesterday.
  18. Dan is a circus clown.
  19. It's time to pick the corn.
  20. Did you write in your diary?
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r medial sentence Set 1
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r medial position sentence Set 1
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