r medial sentence Set 2

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  1. Dorothy has new earrings.
  2. We will exercise first.
  3. The forest is full of animals.
  4. My bike is in the garage.
  5. Did you see the gorilla?
  6. Harry went on a hayride.
  7. Teresa wears a hearing aid.
  8. A hurricane has strong winds.
  9. Pat loves his Irish setter.
  10. Maryland is a state.
  11. Morris lives in Oregon.
  12. This is a narrow hallway.
  13. Dad took me to the parade.
  14. Let's have a picnic in the park.
  15. The pearls are in her purse.
  16. Teresa is sharing the candy.
  17. Sherry wore a plaid skirt.
  18. I am sorry.
  19. What is your favorite story.
  20. A turtle has a hard shell.

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r medial sentence Set 2
2011-12-18 01:33:38
speech sounds medial position sentence Set

r medial position sentence Set 2
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