r medial sentences Set 3

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  1. She baked a macaroni casserole.
  2. We had snow flurries in January.
  3. Everyone was sorry that we lost.
  4. The firefighter was in a hurry.
  5. Pam writes in a diary every day.
  6. He is sharing his orange with me.
  7. Celery and carrots are vegetables.
  8. He is retiring from the military.
  9. They will be marching in the parade.
  10. An island is surrounded by water.
  11. Everybody had a terrific time today.
  12. He puts syrup on blueberry pancakes.
  13. I like to go around to Erin's house.
  14. The cafeteria is serving lunch now.
  15. The teacher read a story about a giraffe.
  16. He is serious about getting married.
  17. We corrected our tests during class.
  18. My family worries when I'm out late.
  19. Did you memorize the necessary facts?
  20. The elementary school is a separate building.
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