th initial sentences

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  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
  2. I am looking for Thad.
  3. Thank you for coming.
  4. A hut has a thatch roof.
  5. Our snow is thawing.
  6. What theme do you like?
  7. Thick fog wrapped around us.
  8. A thief tried to get away.
  9. My thigh has a bruise.
  10. Flamingos have thin legs.
  11. Please pick up your things.
  12. Try to think of an answer.
  13. Who is third in line?
  14. We quenched our thirst.
  15. Marianne has new thongs.
  16. Thor went to the zoo.
  17. Which bush has thorns on it?
  18. She must leave at three?
  19. Did you bang your thumb?
  20. The rabbit thumped its foot.
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