th initial sentences

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  1. Be thankful for your blessings.
  2. Thelma is in school.
  3. His thermos is full.
  4. Use this metal thimble.
  5. Mike can count to thirty.
  6. A thistle has prickly leaves.
  7. She is very thoughtful.
  8. Can you find a thumbtack?
  9. Thunder crashed from afar.
  10. We have art on Thursday.
  11. Mom and Dad love theater.
  12. Theodore picked some apples.
  13. I learned a lot in speech therapy.
  14. Please turn up her thermostat.
  15. What a busy thoroughfare!
  16. Thunderclouds are noisy.
  17. Theodora does her best.
  18. Can you read a thermometer?
  19. Thunderclouds appeared above.
  20. Are you thirsty?
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