th final sentences

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  1. Always brush your teeth.
  2. We made a Christmas wreath.
  3. Enjoy your youth.
  4. What's beneath the bed?
  5. Put water in the birdbath.
  6. Please hand me a dishcloth.
  7. Griffith creates sculptures.
  8. Edith writes in her diary.
  9. Why is Judith leaving?
  10. A locksmith made him a key.
  11. Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.
  12. It was a mammoth display.
  13. Here's a phone booth.
  14. Kenneth has his baby teeth.
  15. A cottonmouth is a type of snake.
  16. Meredith has good manners.
  17. Your tablecloth is pretty.
  18. It's underneath a chair.
  19. Elisabeth sat in a whirlpool bath.
  20. My wisdom teeth are coming in.
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