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  1. 61 lithos
    • stone (Greek)
    • lithograph- picture drawn on stone
    • monolith- lone stone
    • Neolithic- new or late stone age
  2. 62 petros
    • Rock, stone (Greek)
    • Petrified- made into stone
    • Peter- name means “reliable, like a rock”
    • Petroleum- oil from rocks
  3. 63 astron
    • star (Greek)
    • aster- star shaped flower
    • astronomer- one who names the stars
    • asteroid- in the form of a star
    • astronaut- star sailor
  4. 64 stella
    • Star (Latin)
    • Stellar- pertaining to a star or stars
    • Constellation- group of stars
    • Estellita- girl’s name meaning “Little Star”
  5. 65 dendron
    • Tree (Greek)
    • rhododendron- evergreen shrub with large flowers
    • dendrophile- lover of trees
    • dendrolite- (lithos- stone) petrified or fossil trees
  6. 66 arbor arboris
    • tree (Latin)
    • Arbor Day- Last Friday in April, day to plant trees
    • Arboretum- public garden where trees are cultivated & exhibited
  7. 67 chronos
    • time (Greek)
    • synchronize- do at the same time
    • chronology- relate events in time sequence
    • chronic- over a period of time, “from time to time”
  8. 68 tempus temporis
    • time (Latin)
    • temporal- pertaining to time
    • temporary- for a limited time
    • extemporaneous- speak or act without preparation
    • tempo- time in music
    • tense- ver form which indicate past, present or future
  9. 69 para
    • beside, along with (Greek)
    • parable- to throw a story while teaching a lesson
    • parachute- goes along with you as you fall and slows you down
    • parallel- lying along side of another line but not touching
  10. 70 inter
    • between, among, amid (Latin)
    • international- between or among naions
    • interject- throw between
    • intervene- come between

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