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  1. Atmo means __________
  2. A sphere is a __________, like the ______________
    ball, earth
  3. Define atmosphere
    air around the earth
  4. The atmosphere is made up of
    • gasses
    • water vapor
    • small particles
  5. Particles are more tightly packed in ___________ air than in ____________ air.
    • cold
    • warm
  6. Because of that coldr ir is _____________ and wormer air is _____________.
    • hevier
    • lighter
  7. As you move upward in the atmosphere, there is less ____________ ______________.
    air pressure
  8. The air is made up mostly of _____________ and oxygen.
  9. In what direction do weather patterns generally move over the United states?
    west to east
  10. What is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning?
    • watch: the right weather for a tornado to happen
    • warning: a tornado touch down has been seen
  11. Wxplain how a tornado form
    when cold air warm air combine lerns into a funle cloud
  12. Why is Earth colder at the North and South Poles that at the Equator
    the sun rises shine more directly at the equater then the poles
  13. What is the difference between weather and climate?
    • weather is the conditions n the lower atmospher at one moment
    • climate is the averageweather conditions over a long time
  14. What kind of evidence would lead a scientist to belive that an area had a different climate in the distant past? give an example
    a fosilezed animal that caonot surivivein the climate
  15. What does a barometer measure?
    air pressure
  16. What does an anemometer measure?
    wind speed
  17. What does a wind vane measure?
    wind directions
  18. What does a hygrometer measure?
  19. What does a rain gauge measure?
  20. What does a thermometer measure?
    air temperature
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    What does the H represent?
    high air pressure
  22. Image Upload
    what does the symbol L represent?
    low air pressure
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    According to the map, what type of weather has Independence, Mo recently had?
  24. Image Upload
    According to the map, what type of weather has Seattle, WA, recently had?
  25. Image Upload
    According to the map, what type of weather has Atlanta, GA, recently has?
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    What is this? What does it measure?
    • Hygrometer
    • humidity
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    What is this and what does it measure?
    • anemometer
    • wind speed
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    what is this? what does it measure?
    • barometer
    • air pressure
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    what is this? what does it measure?
    • rain gauge
    • precipetation
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