AP.E. Vocab Ch1

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  1. exponential growth
    when a quantity increases at a constant rate per unit of time
  2. environmental science
    the study of how the earth works, how we interact, and how to deal with the problems caused (interdisciplinary)
  3. environment
    everything that affects a living organism
  4. ecology
    a biological science that studies the relationships between living things and their environment
  5. environmentalism
    a social movement dedicated to protecting the earth's life support systems for us and other species
  6. economic growth
    an increase in the capacity of a country to proide people with goods and services
  7. economic development
    improving standard of living by economic growth
  8. globalization
    the process of social, economic, and environmental global changes that lead to an increasingly interconnected world
  9. resouces
    anything obtained from the environment that meet our needs and wants
  10. perpetual resource
    renewed continuously (solar)
  11. renewable resource
    can be replenished fairly rapidly through natural process (fresh water, forests, animals.....)
  12. nonrenewable resources
    exist in a fixed quantity or can renew through processes which may take thousands to millions of years (coal, oil, gas.....)
  13. pollution
    the presence of substances at high enough levels to threaten life or activities of organisms
  14. point source pollution
    single identifiable sources
  15. nonpoint source pollution
    dispersed and difficult to identify
  16. biodiversity depletion
    habitat destruction/ depletion
  17. food supply problems
    over-harvesting, desertification, water shortages
  18. waste production
    soild/ hazardous waste
  19. water pollution
    pesticides, oil spills, farm runoff
  20. air pollution
    climate change, acid rain, noise
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