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  1. waves
    a periodic disturbance as energy is transmitted through a medium
  2. medium
    physical environment in which phenomena occurs
  3. electromagnetic waves
    transfers energy without a medium
  4. transverse wave
    the particles of a medium move perpendicular to the direction the waves moving
  5. crest of a wave
    the highest point
  6. trough of a wave
    the lowest point
  7. longitudinal wave
    where the stuff vibrates parallel
  8. wave amplitude
    the maximum distance particles vibrate from the rest position
  9. what is a wavelength
    the distance between waves
  10. what is frequency
    the number of waves produced in a certain amount of time
  11. standing wave
    patern of vibration that shows a wave standing still
  12. vibrations
    back and forth mothin
  13. sound wave
    longitutional wave caused by vibrations
  14. eardrum
    a stretched membrain
  15. cochlea
    sends electrical signals to the brain
  16. tinnitus
    hearing loss
  17. pitch
    how high/low sound is perceived
  18. ultrasonic
    sound frequency to high for people to hear
  19. which animal can hear at the highest pitch
    beluga whale
  20. what animal can hear at the lowest pitch
  21. doppler effect
    observed change in frequency of a wave
  22. loudness
    the extent to which sound can be heard
  23. amplitude
    how far the stuff moves
  24. decibel level
    how loud something is
  25. oscilloscope
    picture of sound waves
  26. echo
    relected sound wave
  27. echolocation
    reflected sound waves to find objects
  28. sonar
    type of electronic echolocation
  29. ultrasonography
    echo to see in patients
  30. sonic boom
    sound heard when shock waves reaches your ear
  31. sound quality
    blending several pitches
  32. noise
    a sound of random mixed frequencies
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