APUSH Chapter 15

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  1. Second great awakening
    spiritual fervor that resulted in prison reform, church reform, temperance movement(no alcohol), womens rights movement, abolition of slavery
  2. Charles Grandison Finney
    the greatest revival preacher who led masssive revivals in Rochester NY
  3. Burned-Over District
    new york, with its puritians preached "hellfire" and was known as this
  4. Why they disliked mormans
    polygamy, drilling militia, and voting as a unit
  5. Primary purpose of public education
    uneducated might grow up to be rabbles with voting rights
  6. Horace Mann
    fought for better schools "father of education"
  7. Dorothea Dix
    fought for reform of the mentally insane in her classsic petition of 1843
  8. WOmen's movement led by
    Lucreatia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell (1st female medical graduate, Mergaret Fuller (femanist writer), Grimke Sisters (anti-slavery advocates), and Amelia Bloomer (semi short skirts)
  9. catherine beecher
    thought cult of domesticity should be celebrated and women should seek employment as teacher
  10. Womens rights convention at seneca falls
    declaration of sentiments, launched the modern womens rights movement
  11. declaration of sentiments
    was written in the spirit of the declaration of independence saying that "all men and women are created equal"
  12. The knickerbocker group
    Irving, Cooper, and Bryant, the first truely american literature
  13. Tanscendentalism
    stressed individualism, self-reliance, and non-conformity
  14. Ralph Emerson
    urded us writers throw off european traditions, wrote Self Reliance
  15. Henry David Thoreau
    condemned slavery, wrote Walden, ON the duty of Civil Disobedience
  16. Lousia May Alcott
    women writer, with transcendentalism wrote little women
  17. Emily Dickinson
    women writer wrote of the theme of nature in poems
  18. George Bancroft
    founded naval academy, published us history book, known as "Father of American History"
  19. Mormans move from new york to utah
    led by Brigham Young to escape further persecution
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