English Semester Exam

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  1. A prepositional phrase includes a _________, the ______ of the preposition, and any _______ of that object.
    preposition; object; modifiers
  2. Objects of the prepositions may be _______.
  3. A prepositional phrase can modify the ____ of another prepositional phrase.
  4. a prep phrase can contain another ______.
    prep phrase
  5. A _______ is a verb form that can be used as an adjective.
  6. A participial is a verb form that can be used as an _____.
  7. ______ participials end in -ing.
  8. Present participials end in _______.
  9. ____ participles end in -d or -ed.
  10. Past participles end in ______ or ______.
    -d or -ed
  11. A ______ _______ is used as an adjective.
    participial phrase
  12. A participial phrase is used as an _____.
  13. A _____ is a verb form ending in ______ that is used as a noun.
    gerund; -ing
  14. A gerund is a verb form ending in -ing that is used as a _____.
  15. A ______ _____ is used as a noun.
    gerund phrase
  16. An ______ is a verb form that can be used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.
  17. An infinitive is a verb form that can be used as a ____, an _________, or an ______.
    noun; adjective; adverb
  18. Sometimes the sign of the infinitive, __, is omitted in a sentence
  19. An ________ is a noun or a pronoun place beside another noun or pronoun to identify or describe it.
  20. An appositive is a ____ or _____ place beside another ____ or ______ to identift or describe it.
    noun; pronoun
  21. An _______ _______ is a phrase in which it appears as not a complete sentence.
    absolute phrase
  22. that
    relative pronoun
  23. and
  24. so that
  25. Clarice went to the ballet.
    prepositional phrase
  26. certainly
  27. The cat hissed at the dog barking next door.
    participial phrase
  28. I feared skiing down the mountain alone.
    gerund phrase.
  29. S
  30. To fly is glorious.
    infinitive phrase
  31. I'll help you pack.
  32. The sculptor Isaac Noguchi has designed sculpture gardens.
  33. present perfect
    [has/have + past participle]
  34. past perfect
    had + past participle]
  35. Past tense of sing
  36. past tense of take
  37. Professional sports offer many careers.
    Direct object
  38. The announcer tells them anecdotes.
    Indirect object
  39. Flower arrangement is an ancient Japanese art.
    Predicate noun
  40. This tradition grew popular in the sixth century.
    Predicate adjective
  41. Time, place, atmosphere
  42. leading character, hero, root for them
  43. main idea
  44. problem
  45. position of narrator in relation to the story
    point of view
  46. 3 types of point of view
    • 1st person
    • 3rd person limited
    • 3rd person omniscient
  47. maximum intensity moment in the story
  48. to show or indicate beforehand
  49. the use of words to convey a meaning that is opposite of its literal meaning
  50. 3 types of irony
    • verbal
    • dramatic
    • situational
  51. anxiety
  52. they
    personal pronoun
  53. that
    relative pronoun
  54. along
  55. At the even, Richie Havens ____ for over two hours. past tense of sing
  56. Filled with nuts, candy, and small toys, it is hung by a rope from the ceiling.
    complete sentence
  57. Or- if the party is outdoors- from a tree limb.
    sentence fragment
  58. The Amazon River is 3,900 miles long it is the second longest river in the world.
    run on sentence
  59. The river flows generally eastward across northern South America and into the Atlantic Ocean through a wide delta in Northern Brazil.
    Complete sentence
  60. Professional sports offer many careers.
  61. Elephants have the distinction of being the largest land mammals.
  62. Living in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa, they may reach a height of 13 feet.
  63. Elephants use their fingerlike trunks to pick up objects.
  64. of her silk kimono
    prepositional phrase
  65. to be home again in Oka Village
    infinitive phrase
  66. , the lonely man who had gone to America to make his fortune in California
    appositive phrase
  67. In a sentence using ____e subject of the sentence performs the action expressed in the verb.
    active voice
  68. The sentence, the dog bit the boy, includes a subject (the dog) who performs the action expressed in the verb (biting the boy).
    active voice
  69. The active voice sentence, scientists have conducted experiments to test the hypothesis, includes the scientists (the sentence subject) performing the action.
    active voice
  70. The passive (indirect) sentence, the entrance exam was failed by over one-third of the applicants to the school, includes an action performed upon the sentence subject (the entrance exam).
    passive voice
  71. The bicycle is the subject of the action performed by the agent, who is omitted, in this passive voice sentence (your bicycle has been damaged).
    passive voice
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