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  1. He was a gardener
    Meir Katz
  2. What Happens in the cattle car at the end
    Elie's father is picked to die, but Elie saves him
  3. told stories of Jews digging their own graves
    Moishe the Beetle
  4. When they first arrived at the camp, what were the people told?
    they would remain with their families; recieve food, showers and bedding; and they may be killed at any time
  5. last camp Elie was imprisoned at
  6. This man was abandoned by his own son
    a Rabbi
  7. What negative event happens to Elie after he is released
    he becomes ill and ends up in the hospital
  8. he played the violin
  9. What were the guards demonstrating by branding prisoners
  10. when was Elie released?
    April 11
  11. What did Elie do at Buna
    works at an electrical warehouse/factory
  12. belonged to a zionist youth group
  13. Who has lost the strength to live
    Akiba Drumer
  14. Why does Eile become close with Yossi and Tibi
    They are the same age, they all lost parents, and are familiar with hebrew songs
  15. Distant relative of Elies that ony lived in hopes of one day seeing his family again
  16. used the motto "Work makes you free"
  17. What are 3 rules setup for the Jewish people while they were in Ghettos
    may not be seen after 6 PM, wear yellow star on clothing at all times, and must turn in all valuables
  18. Relieved to hear that his wife and child were OK
  19. Saw fire and was petrified
  20. Whipped Elie for catching him with a woman
  21. consoled Elie after a beating
    French Girl
  22. separated from her family when arriving at the camp
  23. What did many of the men shout before being executed
    Long live liberty
  24. True or False, did everyone believe Moishe when he warned them of upcoming events
  25. What did Elie do on Yom Kippur in protest
    not fast
  26. Does Elie ever meet the woman that consoled him at Buna again?
  27. Did Eliezer have to give his gold crown to the officer the first time?
  28. Why does Elie's father give him his knife and spoon?
    He has been determined too weak to work and will be separated from Elie and it was the only thing he could give him
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