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  1. Early Zhou monarchs justified thier rule by...
    Claiming they had the Mandate of Heaven.
  2. One of the earliest South American civilizations, it is likely that the Chavin located their capital in the Andes north of the modern city of Lima to...
    Gain control of key trade routs.
  3. What is NOT and indicatior of a civilazation?
    Large, well equipped armies
  4. The most important change that took place in the Neolithic Era was...
    The development of agriculture.
  5. What are the criteria for "civilization"?
    • Cities
    • Control of a geographic area as a means of power
    • Social classes
    • Record keeping
  6. The Neolithic era is associated with...
    The rise of agriculture
  7. Scholars feel that early domestication of animals provided....
    milk, labor, wool and hides, meat, but NOT objects of worship
  8. Metal working in the late Neolithic period was used for...
    Decoration or in ceremonies
  9. The Mandate of Heaven meant that the ruler retained the right to rule as long as...
    He remained a wise and principled guardian of his people
  10. The Chinese political system that relied primarily on strict laws and punishments to compel people to behave is called...
  11. Why was Chavin de Huantar's location pivotal in its success?
    The rich farmland produced enormous agricultural surpluses
  12. The only domesticated beast of burden in the Andean region was the...
  13. The Late Bronze Age in the Middle East was a "cosmopolitan era" because....
    It was primarily an urban-based society
  14. Transportation in western Asia was revolutionized in the Later Bronze Age by the introduction of the...
  15. What is NOT a characteristic of Buddhism?
    It demanded frequent sacrifices of small animals
  16. What purpose did Ashoka's famous stone pillars serve?
    They were inscribed with his belief in nonviolence, morality, moderation, and religious tolerance both in government and in private life
  17. What best describes INdia's role in the global trade network prior to 600 C.E.?
    India was the central crossroad of trade routes linking various areas of Asia
  18. The region of Southeast Asia first rose to prominence and prosperity because....
    Of its intermediary role in the trade between southern and eastern Asia
  19. What goods did the Chinese want to import via the Silk Roads?
    A variety of western goods, particulary horses
  20. The monsoon winds that facilitate sailing across the Indian Ocean were said to be discoverd by...
    The Greek Hippalus
  21. Evidence for the south-to-north adoption of the camel use comes from...
    Rock art
  22. What is NOT one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
    Fighting in the Holy War, or Jihad
  23. The competion among the states in the Warring States Period resulted in...
    The creation of the first empire under the Qin state
  24. What is NOT generally considered a contributing factor to the fall of the Han Empire?
    The subversive ideas of Buddhism
  25. Buddhism and Jainism gained popularity in the late Vedic period because...
    They offered insight or enlightenment as a path to salvation instead of rituals
  26. The Mauryan government united much of India after...
    The death of Alexander the Great
  27. The Mauryan leader Ashoka converted to Buddhism and became a unique leader because....
    He was overwhelmed by the brutality of his early conquests
  28. One of the most important contributions made by Gupta intellectuals was the...
    concept of zero
  29. There was a rivial of Hinduism including the emergence of the classical form of Hundu temples during which era?
  30. The Gupta Empire collasped in 550 C.E when....
    After invasions by the White Huns of Central Asia
  31. Southeast Asia first rose to prominence because...
    it was an intermediary in reginal trade
  32. The first major Southeast Asian center, Funan, dominaed what key location for trade?
    The ISthmus of Kra
  33. The Indian Ocean Maritime System forged economic and social ties between....
    East Africa, Arabia, India, China, and SE Asia
  34. Ships in the Indian Ocean Maritime System were better prepared for long-distance travel than the Greeks because...
    They could take advantage of monsoon winds to drive their ships
  35. Which animal was most important to Saharan transportation?
  36. The most convincing evieence indicates that camels were introduced to the Sahara from...
  37. The importance of trans-Saharan trade was that it...
    Connected North and South Africa
  38. The Silk Road and Indian Ocean trade fostered the spread of which religions?
  39. What was the Investiture controversy?
    A conflict between popes and kings regarding control of ecclesiastical offices.
  40. The term "investiture controversy" refers to the...
    struggle for control of ecclesiastical appointments.
  41. The Council of Clermount in 1095 brought
    Pope Urban II's call for the First Crusade
  42. What is NOT true about the Crusades?
    Prior to the Crusades, Muslim leaders generally protected Christian pilgrims.
  43. One early Russian chronicle reports that Vladimir I chose Orthodox Christianity over Islam because
    he knew that Islams forbade alcohol consumption.
  44. As time went on, armored knighthhood
    was limited to those with revenue from land.
  45. In western Europe, the primary centers for agricultural productioin were
    self-sufficient framing estates known as manors.
  46. Schisms, the foremost threat to the Christian church in the Middle Ages, were
    formal divisions over differences in doctrine
  47. To facilitate communication and trade between northern and southern China, the Sui bilt the
    Grand Canal
  48. What was NOT one of the reasons for the fall of the Sui dynasty?
    Adherence to Buddhism
  49. What was the political influence of Buddhism in the Tang Empire?
    It enchouraged the leader to weld the peol einmto a harmonious society.
  50. The Tang Empire declined when
    political decay and military decline underminded the social order
  51. Among scientific observations by Song intellectuals was
    the explosion o fthe Crab Nebula in 1054
  52. Which are important technological innovations of the Song Empire?
    The stern-mounted rudder, high quality steel, and gunpowder
  53. Durint the Song period, women experienced subordination and social restriction, epitomized by
  54. The great gift of Champa to Song China was
    quick-ripening rice
  55. The benefit of Chinampas was:
    year-round agriculture was possible
  56. The Aztecs formed their empire by
    ruthlessly conquering other peoples
  57. Andean civilization was
    isolated and mountainous
  58. Llamas and alpacas were valued by the Incas for
    wool, food, and transportation
  59. How did the INca ensure the loyalty of defeated regions?
    by forcing the heirs of defeated rulers to live in the royal court
  60. The important family structure in Andean civilzation was the
  61. Moche civilization was
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