Class Notes Day Counters

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  1. 하루
    One day; the first day of a month
  2. 이틀
    two days
  3. 사흘마다
    every three days
  4. 사흘걸러
    every fourth day
  5. 사흘
    three days.
  6. 나흘
    four days; the fourth day of the month
  7. 닷새
    5 days; the fifth day of the month
  8. 엿새
    six days
  9. 이레
    seven days; seventh day of the month
  10. 여드레
    eight days; the eighth day of the month
  11. 아흐레
    nine days
  12. 이틀에한번
    every other day
  13. 이틀마다
    every other day
  14. 하루세번
    3 times a day
  15. 하루걸러
    every other day
  16. 하루이틀에
    in a day or two
  17. 하루종일
    all day long, throughout the day
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