Resistance Training

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  1. General adaptation Syndrome
    The kinetic chain's ability to adapt to stresses placed on it
  2. Three stages of stress
    • Alarm reaction: Initial reaction to stressor
    • Resistance development: Body increases its functional capacity to adapt to the stressor
    • Exhaustion: Prolonged intoleratable stressor produces fatigue adn leads to a breadown in the system, or injury
  3. Periodization
    Division of a training program into smaller, progressive stages
    The body will specifically adapt to eh stype of demand placed on it.
  5. Mechanical specificity
    Refers to the weight and movements placed on the body (ie to develop endurance light weights would be used with many develop strength heavy weights
  6. Neuromuscular Specificity
    REfers to the speed of contraction and exercise selection (plyometric exercises for legs vs a slow controlled chest press with heavy weights)
  7. Metabolic specificity
    Energy demand placed on body
  8. What two adaptations are acheived during the stabilization level of resistance training?
    • Muscular endurance and stability
    • Use: Low resistance and high reps
  9. Strength adaptations: high volume, low to mod repititions, and high intensity
    Primary Adaptations to strength level-Strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximal strength are the primary adaptations seen in this period of training
  10. Strength
    The ability of the neuromuscular system to produce internal tension to overcome an external force
  11. Muscular endurance
    The ability of theb ody to produce low levels of force and maintain them for extended periods
  12. Strength endurance
    The ability of hte body to reapeatedly produce high levels of force for prolonged periods
  13. Hypertrophy
    Enlargement of skeletal muscle fibers in response to overcoming force from high volumes of tension, as seen in resistance training.
  14. Maximal Strength
    The maximum force that a muscle can produce in a single, voluntary effort, regardless of velocity
  15. Power Level resistance training
    • Power: The ability of the neuromuscular system to produce the greatest force in the shortest time
    • Adaptations-use heavy and light loads fast and controled. Increase in force, velocity creates increase in power
  16. Resistance Training Systems: Single set system
    One set of each exercise, usualy 8 to 12 reps, beneficial for strength and hypertrophy gains in the beginning level client
  17. Multiple set system of training
    Multiple number of sets for each exercise, with resistance, sets, and repititions adjusted according to the goals or needs of the client, better than single set for the advanced client
  18. Pyramid System
    Progressive or regressive step approach that either increases weight with each set or decreases weight with each step
  19. Superset system
    Uses a couple of exercises performed in rapid succession of on another, usually 8 to 12 reps with no rest between sets or exercises. Can be compound or tri sets. Good for body builders for muscular hypertrophy and musc endurance
  20. Circuit training system programs
    Series of exercises that an individual performs one immediately after the other, good for people with limited time
  21. Peripheral heart action system
    another variation of circuit training, alternates upper and lower body exercises
  22. Split routine system
    Breaking the body up into parts to be trained on separate days so that more work can be performed for the allotted time per workout. Take into account recovery period, volume, etc
  23. Vertical Loading, alternating body parts trained from set to set starting at the upper body and going to the lower body
    Horizontal Loading: Performing all sets of an exercise or body part before moving on the next exercise or body part
  24. Total Body Stabilization Exercises
    Ball squat, curl to press. Multiplanar step u balance to OH press.
  25. Total body strength exercises
    Lunge to two arm dumbell press, squat to two arm press
  26. Total Body Power Exercises
    Two arm push press, barbell clean.
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