Business Tech Vocabulary Final Review

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  1. Cell
    The intersections of a row and a column in a table or spreadsheet.
  2. Contextual Tab
    A tab that appears on the ribbon only when you select certain items in a file and contain commands related to that item
  3. Data Type
    Determines the kind of data that you can enter in the field, such as numbers and text.
  4. Form Wizard
    Helps you create a form by letting you select options in dialog boxes to specify the form's record source and layout
  5. Grouping
    Working with several objects as though they were one object
  6. Bullets
    Small characters that appear before an item
  7. Know the definition for an icon.
    The pictures on the toolbars that remind you of each button's functions
  8. Define Fonts.
    Designs of type
  9. The line of periods preceding a tab is called?
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