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  1. What sections are in a standard Accessories Flight?
    The E&E, egress, fuel systems, and hydraulics sections
  2. What Accessories Flight section is responsible for repairing oxygen and nitrogen servicing carts?
    E&E Section
  3. When egress explosive devices are damaged or supescted to be unsafe, who soes the Egress Section request assistance from?
  4. What three sections are usually part of an AGE Flight?
    Repair and Inspection, Servicing, Pickup, and Delivery, and AGE Production support.
  5. What AGE Flight secton performs maintenance that is beyond the capability of the Servicing, Pickup, and Delicery section?
    Repair & Inspection
  6. What AGE Flight section is reponsible for maintaining TO files?
    AGE Production Support
  7. What is the overall mission of the Armament Flight?
    To perform off-wquipment maintance fjor assigned aircraft armament systems, guns, plons, racks, launchers, and adapters.
  8. Who does the Armament Flight CC/Chief assist in recommending distibutions of 2W1X1 personnel to satisfy on- and off-equipment weapons release and gun system maintenance?
    Wing Wepons Manger (WWM)
  9. Which Armament Flight section coordinates with AMU PS&D in scheduling inspections, TCTOs, and time changes?
    Armament Maintenance
  10. When may historical records, AFTO IMT 95s, be maintained on selected avionices assets?
    When closer tracking of failure data would endance repair capability
  11. Which Avionics Flight section maintains LANTIRN pods?
  12. What secton maintains, programs, and performs TCTOs on avionics components when the specified test stations and support equpment are available in the section?
    Avionics Intermediate
  13. What section make up the Fabrication Flight?
    Structural Maintenence, Metals Techonogy, surival Equipment, and Non-Destuctive Inspection
  14. What Fabrication Flight section is responsible for corrosion control?
    Aircraft structral Maintenance (ASM)
  15. What is Metals Technology section tasked with doing?
    Inspecting, repairing servicing, manufacturing, heat treating , testing cleaning and welding.
  16. What four section normally make up the Maintenance Flight?
    • Repair and Reclamation,
    • Wheel and Tire,
    • Aircraft Inspection,
    • Transient Alert,
  17. Which Maintenance Flight section removes, replaces, and rigs flight control surfaces?
    Repair and Reclamation
  18. What is the difinition of transient aircraft?
    Aircraft not assiged to the local base and are enroute from one location to another that may require routine servicing
  19. Which Munitions Flight section assembles, disassembles, delivers, inspects, and maintains conventional munitions, missiles, containers, and dispensers?
    Munitions Production
  20. Which Munitions Flight section receives, stores, warehouses, handles, breaks out, inspects, ships, inventories, and transports equipment such as containers, dispensers, and training items and coodinates off-base movements with the base transportation organization?
    Munitions material
  21. Which Munitions Flights section manager unit mobility and training programs?
    Munitions systems
  22. Who acts as the wing focal point for propulsion maintenance programs and gives advice to wing leadership about propulseon issues?
    Propulsion Flight CC/Chief
  23. Which Propulsion Flight section stores, builds up, tears down, modifies, and repairs engines, quick engine change kits, and test components?
    Jet, turbo-Shaft Intermediate Manintenance (JEIM) section
  24. Which Propulsion Flight section is responsible for maintaining, managing, and storing engine suppoet trailers?
    Engine Equipment Maintenace section
  25. Which TMDE Flight section performs in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair using laboratory equipment and calibration standards?
    Precision Measuremnet Equipment Laboratery (PMEL)
  26. Who do the PMEL QA section evaluators report their inspection findings to?
    Test measurement and Diagnostic Equipment TMDE Flt CC.Chief
  27. What arethe four elements of the TMDE Production Control section?
    Custonmer Service, production scheduling, traffic management, and maintenance supply liaison
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