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  1. what is the distribution of DDH developmental dysplasia of the hip?
    • 1/100 births
    • 66% female
    • 95% reversible
    • usually left hip
  2. what are Ortalani's and barlow's signs
    • Ortalani is testing to try to relocate the hip
    • Barlow is trying to dislocate
  3. what boundaries are used evaluate for DDH on radiograph?
    draw Hilgenriers line which connects the inferiormost part of the acetabulum horizontally

    Draw Ombredanne's line - 2 vertical lines at the lateral boarder of the acetabulum

    Pocket pods 478
  4. when should a baby:
    lift head
    3 word combos
    sit unassisted
    • Walk 9-15 depending
    • lift head 4 months (picture a baby head that looks like a 4
    • 3 word combos 21-24 mo
    • sit unassisted 7
  5. In what order do you cast out deformities of clubfoot?
    just remember going to the club on the AVE nue

    • Adduction
    • Varus
    • Equinus
  6. if your pateint has patella in and toe in where should you look for the deformity?
    Femoral torsion and version
  7. what are all the levels you should think of when you see an intoed gait?
    • Hip
    • DDH
    • Internal femoral position
    • Soft tissue contracture

    • Femur
    • Internal femoral torsion

    • Knee
    • Pseudolack of malleolar torsion

    • Tibia
    • Internal tibial torsion
    • Lack of malleolar torsion

    • Foot
    • Metatarsus adductus

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