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  1. What NFL team plays their home games at Soldier Field?
    Chicago Bears
  2. Who was the first Harlem Globetrotter inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame
    Marques Haynes
  3. Which player currently holds the all-time Major League record for career and season home runs
    Barry Bonds
  4. In 1965-66 who was named the NBA most valuable player of the year?
    Wilt Chamberlain
  5. Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum located?
    Cooperstown, New York
  6. On April 4, 1921, what NHL team became the first to win back-to-back Stanley Cups?
    The Ottawa Senators
  7. Babe Ruth admitted to copying which White Sox player's swing because of his strength at bat?
    Shoeless Joe Jackson
  8. What player has scored more international goals (soccer) than any other?
    Mia Hamm
  9. Until the late 1940s, Florida State University operated as what type of institution?
    An obscure girl's school
  10. What New Jersey Devils goaltender holds the record for most regular season wins?
    Martin Brodeur
  11. Baylor player Mike Singletary overcame what obstacle to play football?
    His minister father forbade football
  12. Lenny Wilkins surpassed whom as the winningest coach in NBA History? With how many wins?
    Red Auerbach; 939
  13. His full name is Edison Arantes Do Nascimento, but he is better known by what nickname?
  14. In what year was the now-defunct National Basketball League formed?
  15. The Milwaukee Brewers began as which team in what year?
    The Seattle Pilots; 1969
  16. Prior to which season did Michael Jordan announce his first retirement?
  17. What is the record number of wins and record number of losses for the Blue Jays? In which years?
    Won 99 in 1985; lost 109 in 1979
  18. How many points is a safety worth?
    Two points
  19. Who was the first MLB player from a first-year expansion team to start in an All-Star game? From what team?
    Gary Sheffield; Florida Marlins
  20. Currently, how many weeks is the NFL regular season?
    17 weeks (16 weeks of games + 1 bye week)
  21. Which two teams tipped off the NBA Japan games in 1990?
    Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns
  22. By what other name is soccer known in Britain?
    Football; Footie
  23. Bear Bryant said all Florida needed was the "Right Man" as head coach, in 1990, who did that prove to be?
    Steve Spurrier
  24. Which two rookie players ignited the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics in the 1979-80 season?
    Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
  25. Which year did Duke play its first football game and in what decade did it play in its first bowl?
    1888; 1990s
  26. Where is the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame located?
    Springfield, Massachusetts
  27. Which player's nicknames include "The Great Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat"?
    Babe Ruth
  28. What is the 24-second shot clock credited with doing for the NBA?
    Increasing teams scoring by 13.6 ppg
  29. Which player took himself out of the lineup on Sept. 20, 1998? After how many consecutive games played?
    Cal Ripken Jr.; 2,632 games
  30. What court surface is used at the French Open?
    Red Clay
  31. What is the significance of the Pittsburgh Pirates' Frank Killen pitching 30-18 in 1896?
    The last time a lefty won 30 games in the National League
  32. A hole with a bend that interrupts the line of sight from the tee to the green is called waht?
    A dogleg
  33. What players did Auburn have as Heisman Trophy winners? In which years?
    Pat Sullivan, 1971; Bo Jackson, 1985; Cam Newton, 2010
  34. From which notable American figure did Lefty Grove descend?
    Betsy Ross
  35. Who is attributed with giving Arkansas the nickname "Razorbacks"?
    Hugo Bezdek
  36. Where was the first NBA All-Star Game tipped off?
  37. In the NHL, how many periods comprise a game? How long are they?
    Three periods; 20 minutes long
  38. In addition ton "Crimson Tide" what was the University of Alabama's nick-name prior to the 1926 Rose Bowl?
    The Tusca-Losers
  39. Who was the MVP of the 1987 NBA Championship?
    Magic Johnson
  40. Which service academy football team is the newest formed?
    Air Force
  41. Which team selected Yao Ming as the first overall pick of the 2002 NBA Draft?
    The Houston Rockets
  42. In what year did Mickey Mantle win the American League batting title with a .353 average?
  43. Who surpassed Magic Johnson as the NBA's all-time assist leader?
    John Stockton
  44. Which Detroit Tiger holds the record for the highest lifetime batting average and most career batting titles?
    Ty Cobb
  45. What four NHL teams did Wayne Gretzky play for?
    Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers
  46. Which president began the tradition of throwing the first pitch of the season on Washington's opening day?
    President William Howard Taft
  47. Why was the 2004-05 NHL season cancelled?
    A labor dispute forced a lockout
  48. Who is the most famous person to have played for Temple University?
    Bill Cosby
  49. What former University of Tennessee quarterback was named Super Bowl MVP in 2007?
    Peyton Manning
  50. The University of North Carolina accomplished what in 2001 to set an NCAA record?
    27 straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament from 1975-2001
  51. What 150+ year-old tennis event is the largest international team competition in world sports?
    The Davis Cup
  52. Which female US tennis player won 18 Grand Slam singles titles and 3 Grand Slam doubles titles?
    Chris Evert
  53. How was the Kansas City Royals' name chosen?
    By fan vote
  54. In 1971-72 who signed a contract with the Boston Bruins worth a reported $200,000 per season over 5 years?
    Bobby Orr
  55. From what sport did modern soccer evolve?
  56. What was the final score of the first basketball game ever played?
  57. What are the four major championships in men's golf?
    The Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship
  58. How many seasons did Nolan Ryan play in Major League Baseball?
    27 seasons
  59. What was the first American team to join the NHL?
    The Boston Bruins
  60. What stadium has hosted the NFL Pro Bowl since 1980?
    Aloha Stadium
  61. What player has scored more career points in the NBA playoffs than any other player?
    Michael Jordan
  62. What was the original name of the Masters Tournament, and when did it change?
    The Augusta National Invitational Tournament; 1939
  63. What are the dimensions of a singles tennis court compared to a doubles tennis court?
    27 feet by 78 feet; 36 feet by 78 feet
  64. What was inscribed on the Stanley Cup by Lord Stanley of Preston when he purchased the trophy?
    Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup
  65. Where and when was the first Super Bowl ever played? Which team won?
    Los Angeles; 1967; The Green Bay Packers
  66. The American youth soccer organization is open to players of what ages?
    4 1/2 to 19
  67. Who was the youngest winner of the prestigious masters tournament?
    Tiger Woods
  68. What year was the first tennis championship played? Where was it played? What was it called?
    1877; near London, England; Wimbledon
  69. What team has won more MLB World Series titles that any other? With how many?
    New York Yankees; 27
  70. As of 2010, which team holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins?
    Pittsburgh Steelers
  71. In soccer, which position is the only player allowed to play the ball with his arms or hands without penalty?
    The goalkeeper
  72. What team has won the most NBA championships? With how many?
    The Boston Celtics; 16 Championships
  73. Where and when was the first US tennis tournament played?
    August 1876; Nahant, Massachusetts
  74. What lefty relief pitcher is the only player to play in the Little League, College and MLB World Series?
    Ed Vosberg
  75. When were the first official rules drawn up for ice hockey? Who organized them?
    1877; students at McGill University in Montreal
  76. Which country has won the most World Cups?
  77. Who played 20 seasons in the NBA and holds the record for the most points scored in a career? How many points?
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; 38,387 points
  78. What is a "Mulligan," and when did the term originate?
    A "Do-over," began in the 1940's
  79. What female player from the Czech Republic lost 219 career singles matches?
    Martina Navratilova
  80. In November 2009, who claimed his fourth straight Nascar Sprint Cup title?
    Jimmie Johnson
  81. A baseball player who wins the Cy Young Award would have played what position?
  82. Published by FIFA, what is the body of soccer rules called?
    The Laws of the Game
  83. Who won the first NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1939?
    The University of Oregon
  84. Who was the 1991 PGA Rookie of the Year?
    John Daly
  85. In 1973 how much did George Steinbrenner pay for the New York Yankees?
    $10 million
  86. What is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America?
    The Stanley Cup
  87. In 2010, what team captured its first Vince Lombardi Trophy in 43 seasons?
    New Orleans Saints
  88. Why are golf club memberships so cost prohibitive in Japan, where the sport is so popular?
    Land for courses is expensive and rare
  89. Under what name was tennis introduced to Brazil?
    Rio Cricket
  90. In May 2010, what Scottish-born racer captured his second Indianapolis 500 crown?
    Dario Franchitti
  91. How far was the longest field goal ever kicked in the NFL? Which players have done this?
    63 yards; Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam
  92. How often is the World Cup held?
    Every four years
  93. What university won both the men's and women's NCAA Basketball Championship in the same year?
    The University of Connecticut
  94. What female NHRA legend is credited with three top fuel championships?
    Shirley Muldowney
  95. Who won the first World Series in 1903, and whom did they play?
    Boston Americans; played Pittsburgh Pirates
  96. Who was the first female in North America to start a professional ice hockey game?
    Manon Rheaume
  97. On May 5,1969, what was the Boston Celtics' Bill Russell's claim to fame?
    11th NBA Title in 13 seasons
  98. In what year and by whom was the Master's Tournament initiated?
    1939 by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts
  99. Which right-handed male tennis player turned pro in 1986 and has won more than $31 million in prize money?
    Andre Agassi
  100. How many people are members of both the American and Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame?
    13 people
  101. What college Bowl Game is known as "The grandaddy of all Bowls?" (The grandaddy of 'em all)
    The Rose Bowl
  102. In what year did women's soccer become an official Olympic sport? Which country won the gold?
    1996; The United States
  103. Name the 12-Time All-Star that retired in 2010 with 630 home runs
    Ken Griffey Jr
  104. Which team has won the most Stanley Cups? How many wins?
    Montreal Canadiens, 23 wins
  105. What annual award is given to college football's top player?
    The Heisman Trophy
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