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  1. denounce
    publically criticize
  2. exonerate
  3. credible
  4. renounce
  5. relinquish
    to let go of, to give up
  6. castigate
    to scold in a stern way
  7. incontrovertible
    undeniable, indisputable
  8. indict
    to formally charge with a crime
  9. rectitude
  10. censure
    to formally and publically reprimand or scold
  11. magnanimity
  12. constrain
    to restrict or limit
  13. usurp
    to take by force
  14. remiss
  15. contiguous
    adjacent, next to
  16. parity
  17. conciliatory
    intended to calm or pacify
  18. vituperative
    bitter, biting
  19. abstruse
  20. callous
    unfeeling or uncaring
  21. convoluted
    overly complex or complicated
  22. enigmaticinscrutable
  23. reticent
    not readily revealing one's thoughts or feelings
  24. staid
    unadventurous, calm, sedate
  25. precocious
    characterizes a child who is unusually mature or intelligent
  26. prospectus
    a printed document that advertises or gives information about a particular product, school, etc.
  27. rudimentary
    basic, elementary
  28. conspicuous
  29. gaffe
    an embarrassing mistake
  30. autonomy
    self-rule, the ability to governs oneself
  31. idiosyncratic
    peculiar or individual
  32. insular
    ignorant of or uninterested in other cultures or people different from oneself
  33. dissemble
    to lie or deceive
  34. paradox
    a statement that seems to contradict itself but, upon further examination, proves to be true
  35. intimation
    a subtle hint
  36. assimilate
    to blend in, to adopt another culture or style as one's own
  37. Vindictive
    vengeful, having an unreasonable desire for revenge.
  38. derivative
    imitating or based on something else
  39. vindictive
    vengeful, seeking to get revenge
  40. formidable
    strong, powerful, worthy
  41. trepidation
    great fear
  42. didactic
    intended to teach particularly morality (The Crucible can be described this way.)
  43. disseminate
    to spread (as information)
  44. extrapolate
    to extend an idea or use existing information to make predictions about something unknown
  45. insinuate
    to hint (often in a negative way)
  46. quell
  47. pedantic
    excessively concerned with minor details or rules
  48. perspicacious
    insightful, clever, observant
  49. substantiate
    to prove
  50. raze
    to knock down, flatten, destroy
  51. exorbitant
    excessively high (as the price of something)
  52. Ebullience
    cheerfulness, energy
  53. sanctimonious
    making a show of being morally superior
  54. Supplant
    to replace
  55. partisan
    a follower of a particular group or party
  56. scrupulous
    careful to avoid wrongdoing
  57. sophistry
    the use of lies and false arguments in order to deceive
  58. audatory
    praiseworthy; characterizing something that deserves applause or praise
  59. cosmopolitan
    familiar with and at ease in many different cultures; interesting, exciting and well-traveled
  60. euphemism
    an indirect or polite term used to describe something unpleasant or offensive ("downsizing" instead of "cutting staff," for example)
  61. Extol
    Praise Enthusiastically
  62. Candid
    straightforward & honest
  63. Defunct
  64. Eradicate
    eliminate or get ride of
  65. Expurgate
    to censure
  66. Extirpate
    destroy or root out completely
  67. Pious
    faithfully righteous
  68. Squelch
    to forcefully silence or supress
  69. Stymie
    to prevent or slow the progress of something
  70. Bombastic
    describes high-sounded languages with big words
  71. Embellish
    to make something more attractive by the addition of decretive details
  72. Flegorant
    Conspicuously or obviously offensive
  73. Lavish
    sumptuously rich or luxurious
  74. Gratuitous
    uncalled for or unnecessary
  75. Lugubrious
    very mournful or sad, glum
  76. Opulent
    obviously rich and luxurious
  77. Exuberant
    filled with characterized by living excitement or energy
  78. Solicitous
    characterized by showing interest or concern
  79. Obsequious
    fawning, servil, excessively obedient
  80. Sycophant
    a person who is a suck up "yes man" towards someone
  81. Repudiate
    refuse to accept of be associated with
  82. Sanctimonious
    making a show of being morally superior to other people
  83. Substantiate
    provide evidence to support or prove the truth
  84. Cajole
    to persuade someone into doing something by sustained coaxing or fluttery
  85. Eminent
    famous or respected with a particular sphere or profession
  86. Chicanery
    the use of trickery to obtain a political financial or legal purpose/goal
  87. Exconerate
    to free from blame
  88. Absolve
    to set or declare free from
  89. Esoteric
    arcane, intended for or likely to be understood by only few
  90. Arcane
    understood by few; mysterious or secret
  91. Idiosyncratic
    peculiar or individual
  92. Dissemble
    to deceive or lie
  93. Lucid
    easy to understand, expressed clearly
  94. Conjecture
    an opinion or decision based upon incomplete information
  95. Euphemism
    a mild or indirect word or expression
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