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  1. John shaved off his mustache.
  2. Oscar the Grouch loves trash.
  3. The dog needs a strong leash.
  4. Try not to crash the go-cart.
  5. That was a foolish thing to do.
  6. How will you furnish the house?
  7. The British people have a queen.
  8. Pass the mustard and relish.
  9. Oysters are a type of shellfish.
  10. Do you think I should punish him?
  11. We caught ten fish in the river.
  12. Go to the bank and get some cash.
  13. Help me push the wagon up the hill.
  14. I would like to have a pet goldfish.
  15. Don't forget to pack your toothbrush.
  16. Please finish the picture you started.
  17. Nancy painted a holly bush on Monday.
  18. We watched the goldfish at the pet shop.
  19. The flash of lightning was frightening.
  20. Pick the fresh vegetables fromt the garden.

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