sh medial sentences

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  1. Marsha is a beautician.
  2. What action will you take?
  3. She knows her addition facts.
  4. I am anxious to go.
  5. Please pay attention.
  6. Are you bashful?
  7. We'll meet at the bus station.
  8. Those bushes are beautiful.
  9. Marshall wore a carnation.
  10. The cashier gave me some change.
  11. Use caution at all times.
  12. This is a valuable collection.
  13. Dad asked for directions.
  14. He put away the dishes.
  15. We appreciate your donation.
  16. Happiness is an emotion.
  17. Her eyelashes are long.
  18. Your dress is in fashion.
  19. Let's go fishing tomorrow.
  20. She stopped at the gas station.
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