sh medial sentences

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  1. Can you add fractions?
  2. Pay the cashier on the way out.
  3. It is essential to be on time.
  4. Grandfather lives on his pension.
  5. Gina will bring the suntan lotion.
  6. The care is in excellent condition.
  7. The flood destruction was terrible.
  8. We need nourishment for our bodies.
  9. Banks handle many financial affairs.
  10. I'll buy batteries for the flashlight.
  11. Are you anxious to go to the zoo?
  12. The bombshell fell on the warehouse.
  13. Mother bought a new washer and dryer.
  14. The bus station closes at ten o'clock.
  15. Michelle has to wash dishes every day.
  16. Use caution when crossing the street.
  17. Take the prescription to the drugstore.
  18. Make sure you pay attention to the coach.
  19. Oceans are filled with many living things.
  20. Did you get permission to come along with us?
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