ch initial sentences

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  1. The chick just hatched.
  2. Chad is our chairman.
  3. This chain is strong.
  4. Who is in the chair?
  5. Please use the white chalk.
  6. We accept your challenge.
  7. Chandler took a chance.
  8. Let's change our clothes.
  9. The chaplain gave a sermon.
  10. Cowboys wear chaps.
  11. I am reading chapter two.
  12. He lit the charcoal.
  13. Chad likes to chuckle.
  14. Charles has a charge card.
  15. You are charming.
  16. Chester made a chart.
  17. She is chasing me.
  18. Does he have time to chat?
  19. Which one is cheaper?
  20. I found my checkbook.
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